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Anqing City 166 public cultural venues all free

Date: 2013-07-18

AnqingNews NetworkJuly 16afternoon, theGrand ViewareaYongsancommunity danceteam in theCity Cultural Centeron the second floormulti-purpose halldance practice, readyin Augustto participate inorganized by theProvincial Department of CultureSquare DanceCompetitionAnqing Citytryouts.

"Herea large venue, the environment,air conditioning, stereo,teaallfreeto practicegood results."Danceteam captainChen Dehuatoldreporters,after the establishment ofdance teamhasno placeto practice,then know thatthe citycultural centersopen to the publicfree of charge, justMunicipalcultural centerswere contacted.City Cultural Centernot onlyagreed, andlet themevery Tuesday,Thursday afternoonpractice, but alsohired aprofessionaldance teacherfor thedance teamfor guidance.Such a good condition, sodance teamforthecompetitionfull of confidence.

In order to protectthe general public's basiccultural rights and interests, and promotethe equalization ofbasic publiccultural services, and enhance theability ofpublic cultural servicesand management level,cultural venuesopen free tothe publicare classified asgovernmentlivelihood projects.Art galleries,public libraries, cultural centers(stations), museumsand other facilitiesopen toall free of charge,its functionscorresponding basiccultural servicesare alsoprovidedfree of charge tothe masses.Free admissionrequirements,fromall levels of financialsubsidies.

"Since the implementation ofthelivelihood projects, only thefirst halfof this yearalone, nearly30unitsand individuals toborroworcarry out relatedrehearsalvenuesand culturalactivities, especiallyduring the holidaysspecialvenuesto borrowmore."Deputy HalltelephotoQingCity Cultural Centertoldreporters,in order to meetthe cultural needs ofthe general public, cultural centerswill not onlylend tothe publicfree use ofpremises, and alsouse thisfunction rooms,hire professionalsto organizefreeartcourses,free of chargeto the general publicto come hereto learn,exchanges.

The first halfof this year, the cityhas hostedninekinds ofcultural centers,training courses,free tutoringhundreds oftimesthe public.As ofthe end of June, the city'stwoart galleries,ninepublic libraries,11cultural centers,130cultural centers,14museums(excludingSusong County)have all beenopen free of charge.