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Anqing five thousand Fair Park will be held 'on February 2 · Long payable to' Culture Festival

Date: 2013-03-01

China Networ kMarch 1News reporterfromAnqingMunicipal TourismBureau, toferret outAnqingtraditional culture, promotelocal characteristics, to createan atmosphere offolk customsand richcultural life ofthe masses,March 9, 2013-16 days,Anqingfive thousandFairPark willhost the secondannualsession of the "February 2·dragon head" culturalfestival.

It is reported thaton March 13at 9:30 am,fivethousand yearsinChinaTableFairParkPlaza"DragonSheng ShifuYaoKyushu" large-scaleritualprayingandperforminga nationalnon-left "FuyangYingshangHuagudeng" and "Heaven, Earth,andprayChina"Lioncelebrate.The daythe dragon/snakevisitorscan attendpraying.Peoplein the new yearblessingin disguise,Delu,havelongevity,De;Gaocai,soaring, high school,job.

Cultural Festivalwill be held duringHuagudengperformances,dragon dancecontest,apricotand dance performances,exhibitionsand conventionsRendcustomssnacksand other colorfulfolk activities.

It is understood thatfivethousandFairPark is located inLake County, Anqing City, Anhui Province, the planningarea of1,800 acres,a total investment of1.8 billion yuan.Strictaccordance with the national5A scenicstandards to createthe spiritual homeofthe Chinese nation.Ministry of Culturehas now beennamed as"NationalCultural Industry Model Base" by the NationalTourism Administrationas "nationalAAAA level scenic spots."