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Huangmei Opera Festival kicks off in Anqing

Date: 2012-08-30

The tourism department in Anqing city is preparing for the sixth Huangmei Opera Festival. A series of tourism activities will be the highlights of the festival.

Anqing will hold many activities such as the Anqing Tourism Appreciation Meeting, Tourism Food Festival and "Anqing's Image to Tens of Thousands of Visitors" exhibition. The Anqing Tourism Appreciation Meeting is a highlight of the festival and will promote tourism through unique features and high-level events.

All counties will hold unique activities related to the Huangmei Opera Festival in their main scenic spots. The tourism department of Anqing will launch new one-day, two-day and three-day tour routes and provide more cruises, special trains and nonstop trains to attract large groups of tourists. They will also improve the "Anqing Self Driven Tour" website and establish a Weibo (Chinese twitter) for Anqing tourism. Scenic spots and restaurants will make an effort to offer enhanced service and a favorable environment.