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Personal deposits and loans during the first half of Anqing "double increase"

Date: 2013-08-30

According to the first half of the city (Anqing) Currency monitoring and analysis report shows that the first half of money and credit in our city running smoothly, the deposit growth steady growth, personal deposits increased by more people, and faster growth in personal loans and overdrafts, personal consumption increase in loans will be more.

It is reported that the city's rapid growth in personal deposits, savings deposits, structured deposits increased considerably. As of the end of June, Anqing City, personal deposits 125.469 billion yuan, 936 million yuan increase in the month, accounting for the amount of each new month deposits 48.43%, an increase over the beginning of 17.822 billion yuan, of which savings deposits of 124.355 billion yuan, increasing 5.16 month billion, is the most important part of personal deposits, personal structured deposits 1,090,000,000 yuan, 427 million yuan new month.

In consumer credit, as of the end of June, Anqing City, personal loans and overdrafts amounted to 32.933 billion yuan, 1.01 billion yuan new month, representing an increase of 4.907 billion yuan year, accounting for 41.83 percent of the incremental loans, an increase of 32.52%, which personal consumption loans 15.112 billion yuan, 775 million yuan new month, increasing 3.018 billion yuan over the beginning, an increase of 2.018 billion yuan, mainly monthly housing loans, personal credit card and account overdrafts large increase in the month, the month of new housing loans increase 323 million yuan, personal credit card and account overdrafts increased 435 million yuan. Personal business loans 17.822 billion yuan, 234 million yuan new month.

In addition, laid-off workers microcredit 267 million yuan, representing an increase of 089 million yuan year, an increase of 289.13%; there are student loans 069 million yuan. They show the city's financial "help small weak" effect is remarkable.